Ready? Action!

Every time I walk the perimeter of the building or traverse the floors inside, I find something I had not noticed before. Each time I visit the building on behalf of the organization, my resolve grows stronger. What a grand old lady is the State Capital Publishing building – among its varying names. I had not anticipated joining this organization would be so inspiring!

The Guthrie Tomorrow Coalition, Inc., dba/State Capital Publishing Museum will be three years old next month.  Within this short time period, the SCPM (as we affectionately call the organization) has made significant strides towards reopening the building.  First, the organization acquired the building from the Oklahoma History Center, pending a minimum financial investment within five years. We are well on our way to achieving that objective. Still, much work is needed to renew the building into tip-top shape and open as a museum.

Are you curious about the building? Do you wonder what will come of it? Do you wish you could catch a glimpse inside?  If so, you are in luck!  Volunteer opportunities are about to open. Board members and other volunteers will be working on various tasks – some historically significant, some just plain dirty old work, and all with the intention of achieving the mission of restoring, renovating, rebuilding, and reopening to the public.

​Interested in learning more?  Sign up for our mailing list.  Apply for a volunteer position.  Check out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and our website for updates.

​Be a cog in the ever-turning wheel of progress to honor the past.

Hope to see you soon!

Cynthia E Rolfe, Ph.D.