Guthrie NewsLeader

By News Staff on Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Guthrie Upper Elementary School’s, Ms. Vangie Goddard’s 5th & 6th grade Gifted and Talented class toured the State Capital Publishing Museum today. Lynn Bilodeau gave them a tour of the basement, 1st and 2nd floor. While on the 2nd floor the students got a chance to stand on the balcony where Oklahoma Statehood was announced November 16th, 1907. Once they finished the tour Clarissa Stockwell talked about the importance of communication, how the Morse Code and the telegraph machine played an important part in the newspaper industry, Oklahoma Statehood and how communication evolved over the centuries.

After the demonstration they discussed the importance of saving the building. The students expressed that they would love to return to learn more about printing, book making and how to preserve the building.